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About Anvers Diamond Collection

Takao Shomen, Anvers artistic director, has been dealing diamonds for over 40 years. His experience and understanding of all aspects of the diamond universe give him a unique perspective as a designer of exquisite jewelry, and shapes his creative vision for each piece.

For each piece, Takao first examines thousands of individual diamonds, searching for the essence - the song - hidden in the depths of each fancy color and each fancy shape. Each song has a particular place in the design chorus, and together, all of the voices combine in harmony.

Once Takao hears those clear voices singing together, he personally conveys the creative vision to the master goldsmith, and another fine piece of jewelry is born into the Anvers world.

Enduring Trust
Timeless Design

Anvers' successful design philosophy is centered on a commitment to honesty, and an insistence on maintaining the highest standards of artistry, materials and craftsmanship.

The miracle of diamonds evokes passion, and trust that bridges generations. Anvers embraces that miraculous nature, transforming individual stones and precious metal into modern symphonies of dreams in a fantastic, timeless universe.

Anvers Diamonds